Solving the Puzzle: It’s Not Just Fun & Games

I’ve always liked puzzles. The fascination began with connect-the-dots, where my crayon would draw a line from what appeared to be one haphazardly placed marking to another and then, voila, there was a picture of something identifiable. It seemed rather magical. Word searches became a favorite for a while, bringing a thrill in finding something sensical in the midst of the randomness. The Rubik’s cube made a brief appearance, but it brought so much frustration that it was cast aside relatively quickly. Sudoku and Cryptogram — favorites of some family members — never truly captured my interest. I still enjoy jigsaw puzzles on occasion, although the cats enjoy them too and so I generally end up on the floor searching for pieces that have been inconveniently relocated from their home on the table. And that brings me to crossword puzzles, which I adore. The Washington Post is my go-to, and I do their daily puzzle as well as the Sunday weekly option by Evan Birnholz. Most days I’m able to complete them, but not always. Sitting with a puzzle engages my brain, and I often learn new words in the process. It’s both enjoyable and educational.

Another type of puzzle that engages my interest even more than those listed above: the puzzle of the human being. My interest isn’t so much on the collective, but rather on the individual. What makes them tick? What do they enjoy? What drives them? What might they be searching for? This interest prompts me to watch people, which I find to be an excellent past-time. You can learn a lot through simple observation. And observation evokes a plethora of puzzling questions: Where are they coming from or going to? Why are they moving so fast or so slow? What is the relationship between or among the people I see? Why do they look so cross with one another? Or maybe, do they always have so much fun when they’re together? Is that person enjoying their run or does it feel like punishment? And one that crops up on some visits to the grocery store: What is that item they are putting into their grocery cart and does it inspire me to add one to mine? I people-watch often, and I bet you do too.

It is through my interaction with clients, however, that I encounter the greatest puzzles. There’s absolutely no disrespect in that statement. My clients are aware that they present puzzles. Generally speaking, that’s why they have come to see me. They are seeking reasons, answers, and solutions to their own puzzles as part of their healing and growth process. How that occurs is dependent on the type of modality we use.

In an Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T.) session I work to clear a client’s aura of energies they have been holding. The focus is on ten separate emotions, each held in a different area of the body and aura. The energies are of varying densities determined by the emotional impact that a particular moment or event has had. In cases of extreme impact — generally trauma-induced — the clearing of that area may require multiple sessions. The puzzle in I.E.T. surrounds the cause of the densest energies. There are times when that puzzle cannot be solved, but on most occasions I find that conversation with the client provides answers. Just recently I worked with a first-time client who had been holding onto a lot, and I was unable to clear everything. Based on what I felt regarding his energy as well as where in his aura I felt it, I was able to relay pertinent information and ask relevant questions regarding certain emotions. There were answers and there were also new concepts for him to consider — some of which he found quite surprising! He is now using the information from the session to work on himself, to engage in more concentrated self-healing, and to decipher his own puzzle. His efforts will undoubtedly reduce the denseness of those energies, and I hope that one follow-up session will clear anything still lingering in his aura.

The puzzles presented during a Past-Life Regression are quite different from those in energy (I.E.T., Reiki and Chakra) work. The client comes to see me knowing which puzzle or puzzles they would like to solve. Why do I constantly struggle with a certain type of situation? What is the source of a contentious relationship? Where did a particular fear come from? During a session we seek answers to those puzzling questions by accessing past lives whose energies have carried forward to impact this life. Identifying the past event causing the current issue is sometimes sufficient to allow the client to release the associated emotional energies, and that release allows healing to occur in the present time. Such was the case for a client who came to me with an extreme fear of heights. In the session, she re-witnessed a child fall off a cliff, death occurring when the body struck the rocks below. She had energetically carried forward the memories and emotions that told her heights = death. Once she saw the origin of the fear and was able to understand that that event had no discernable relevance to this life, she was able to release those energies and is no longer fearful of heights.

There may be instances — often surrounding relationship issues — where past life energies carried forward so strongly that they created cords tying one life to the other. Those unhealthy connections now need to be severed. Several months ago I saw a client regarding relationship issues with her mother. Her mother had been very judgmental and resentful towards the client her entire life, causing a great deal of emotional angst. In the session she regressed to a life where she was a rather privileged child playing in a lovely well-appointed room. With her in the room was her nanny. From her observations in the regression, she could tell that the nanny was very resentful of the child’s lofty status and her own lowly position. The client was able to identify the nanny from that existence as her mother in this life, and that scene provided insights into the resentment her mother frequently expressed towards her. She had her answer regarding the source of the issue, but the puzzle wasn’t yet solved. I asked the client to see or sense if cords existed and, if so, to identify where the cords were attached to her body. As I often do, I invited in angelic assistance to help the client with the next steps. With my guidance the client allowed the attachments which were no longer serving her greatest good to be cut. All energies associated with those cords were removed from my client as well as from her mother. Why from the mother? We heal best when we are open and giving, and so sharing the healing, cleansing and clearing brings heightened benefits to the individual initiating the cord-cutting. It’s a generous gift of healing to the other party as well, as those ties were negatively impacting them also. Upon completion of this process, the client was crying tears of relief. She no longer felt the weight of her mother’s resentment resting on her own shoulders. The burden had been lifted. The healing was immediate, immense, and permanent.

These are just a few examples. There are many more. Each and every client is special, their needs unlike those of any other, and the healing methods utilized in their session as unique as the puzzles they present. My enjoyment of puzzles and the desire to solve them began early and remained throughout my life. I never imagined, though, that my love of connect-the-dots would eventually lead me to such interesting and complex human puzzles.



I am a healer, a spiritual teacher, and a shepherd guiding clients at Body & Soul Shepherd, LLC to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

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Donna Dangle

I am a healer, a spiritual teacher, and a shepherd guiding clients at Body & Soul Shepherd, LLC to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.